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The Truth About Fitness Mats

Things you need to think before buying any fitness mat

In this pandemic situation, as you can’t go out for the gym or any outdoor physical activities, you must work out at home regularly to stay fit as well as to feel stress-free. But, every kind of mat is not what you need to look out for.

Proper grip is essential

Sliding or slipping while you are doing exercise is a worse feeling no doubt. So, the first thing when you are buying a fitness mat is to look out for its grip. This will help you to stay stick to the mat and further help you to build up your strength. This will also help you to prevent any injury.


The thickness of the mat

If the fitness mat is very thin, you will face several difficulties to lunge and might be your knees can bangle up. Also, if the fitness mat is too thick, you won’t feel any connection with the floor, so the mat should not go up to above 1/16 inch thick.


The material of the fitness mat

The fitness mats are generally of foam, PVS, rubber or of cotton material. Though PVC material is durable foam material is eco-friendly. Thus the fitness mat should be bought based on the grip or how it absorbs the sweat.


Size of the fitness map

The standard size of any map is calculated 24’x68’, but the length can vary from one mat to another.


The stickiness of the fitness mat

It means that how properly your skin sticks to the yoga mat. Most of these mats have suction-like stickiness and also you will able to hold the pose having a proper alignment.

Where you will buy such fitness mats?

Knowing about the condition outdoor, most of the people are choosing to but fitness mats from online shops. But are you trying to find a site who supplies all kinds of product online starting from home essential to pet food? Soft Porium or  is one such platform where you will get all such kinds of product and that too online.

You can opt for Fitness Mat with position lines- Non-slip to keep yourself fit and healthy. The mat comes in waterproof, eco –friendly so is completely harmless for people. At Soft Porium you will get a completely high-quality product with an assurance staying at any part of the world.

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